Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Hello everyone


As the title suggests, this blog is going to be about Francis Lovell, 9th Baron and 1st Viscount Lovell, and the events and people in his life.

Francis is sadly often ignored in media about the Wars of the Roses, and a lot of misinformation circulates about him. I will do what little I can to remedy that with this blog. While naturally those personages looming large in that time period and in Francis`s life will be mentioned and to an extent discussed, I will be mainly concerned how they and the events during his life, both those influential and of historical importance as well as those less significant, affected Francis.

Some of what I post here will be about subjects I have already addressed on other social media, though in many instances corrected to include new tidbits I found out.

For the next few days, I`ll probably still be be very busy finding out exactly how to run this blog, before I can start posting with something approaching regularity. I look forward to that and hope to find a few people who will be interested in Francis.

Cheers, everyone. 

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